1. 4/52

    Experimental: A 52-week project of experimental self-portraits. 


  2. 3/52

    early light. 


  3. lucky to call this my workspace | Kinfolk Studio


  4. Anonymous asked: hello!! I really admire your photos and think they're very beautiful.. I was wondering what kind of camera you use to take pictures?

    Thank you for your kind words- currently using a Canon 5d mark ii. 


  5. Anonymous asked: how hugely i admire your work. what camera/equipment do you use to shoot?

    Why, thank you. I use a Canon 5d mark ii, usually with a 40 or 50mm. 



  7. high five.


  8. 2/52

    Saturday morning bedhead.



  9. 1/52

    Pausing in front of our sentenced faces


  10. The best way to compress the memories of my New York trip was to encapsulate the constantly moving spirit of the place: New York in motion.

    Full blog post here.